Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to treat mild skin imperfections, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation, acne, scarring, sun damage and fine lines. They are perfect for those who are looking for smoother, brighter-looking skin without the longer recovery time needed with more evasive procedures.


The skin is gently cleansed and prepped, then a solution is applied to targeted areas. The specific formula and concentration of the solution depends on the individual’s need. At Accent on Skin, we use peels containing glycolic acid (AHA Peels), Salicylic Acid (BHA peels) and Lactic and Mandelic Acids. As the chemical solution works on the skin, a warm tingling sensation will be felt. After the prescribed amount of time, the esthetician will wash away the solution and apply a soothing lotion.


For optimum results, multiple peels are necessary. Peels are spaced out 4-6 weeks, depending upon the individual’s needs.  To keep skin healthy and young, it is advised to have a peel once every 4-6 weeks.


Chemical Peels are performed by our estheticians at both the Latham and Schenectady locations.

Trade Offs

Some redness may occur and direct sunlight should be avoided for 2-3 days following a chemical peel.


Risks are rare, but may include redness, swelling and skin irritation. Symptoms should not last longer than a week.


The procedure takes less than an hour and most people return to their daily activities immediately following the treatment.

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