Colleen Abercrombie-Castle, Esthetician

Colleen entered esthetics after over 20 years experience in business and customer service.  She received her esthetic training from the Aesthetic Science Institute and graduated with honors.  She is a strong believer in education and attends regular seminars to keep her training up to date.  Most recently she attended a workshop on lymphatic drainage as well as a seminar on cosmetic chemistry under the renowned Dr.Pugliese.

At Accent On Skin, Colleen strives to help clients understand the science behind products and to help them make informed decisions.  It is important to her to help people streamline their skin care regime and customize it to their skin profile and personal lifestyle.  Colleen understands that each client has individual needs and wants to work with them to formulate a plan that is right for them.

During her free time, Colleen is working towards her degree in education at HVCC as well as working toward her certification in Advanced Floral Design.  She is a Master Gardener with Cornell Cooperative Extension and is a regular presenter at the Capital District flower and garden show.  Her artistic talents can further be seen through her hobby of jewelry making, water color and decorative painting.